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,Joel Johnson

Hi my name is Joel Johnson I was interested in becoming a Pro Staff member I am in Michigan on a full-time I don’t work I have all my own cameras my own property in my own people to some just wanted to know if you guys would be interested in any footage and let me spread your name around


It was great to meet you today Alex! Best of luck this coming turkey season. Thanks for the support! – Greg


I got the pleasure of meeting Greg while i was working at the mac today!!! he seen i was wherein a hoyt hat and asked if i was ready for turkey season and by the end of the conversation he had mentioned that he was a pro staff and i couldnt believe it it was so cool to meet him hoping to here back from ya Greg!!! hoyt for life haha


Funniest show I’ve seen! Thanks guys! Great job!


Just watched an elk hunt with all natural sounds in the background..how refreshing!!!this rock&roll music as a sound filler is offensive to say the least.I’ve taken over 100 deer and not once has mind turned to a screaming guitar after the shot.All hunting shows are doing it .it is asinine.why not use natural sounds as a filler if need be..at least the viewer will feel like they are there…Most hunting shows I watch with the sound muted…again how refreshing ,I felt like I was part of the hunt !!!


Nice to see a hunting show that’s not all about monster bucks and taking trophy’s. I am glad to see free chase, do it yourself hunting & respect for the animals you harvest too.


whats the name of the theme song?? how can I find it? its badass guys!

Matthew Hatfield

Im an Ohio Bow Hunter, enjoy your show it’s nice to see a show in which the hunter takes a doe and smaller bucks and aren’t just out for Monster Bucks

jack g

Can i please have the name of the theme song? I am also a michigan hunter, out of clare county.


Good to see guys from Michigan doin a great show, where do you guys hunt, I’ve got a lease in mason. What cameras do you guys use, a couple of the guys I hunt with have talked about filming our hunts. I look forward to hearing from you good luck this season.

jon r schuch

My name is jon r schuch i love to hunt and fish

Joe Marcoe

great show!!!

Joe Marcoe

I viewed your program for the first time tonite. Excellent jpb!!!!! I to am from Michigan, Menominee county in the UP. Also, like you guys, I hunt a 60 acre private parcel and hope for the best ( rack size). We have fun and also provide the family with good meat. We eat lots of fish and wild meat. keep up the good work,as we won’t even watch the ” rich, scripted doctor- lawyer hunts anymore. To much hollywood!!!
We always say that we would have a wall with many large racks on it if we were rich too!!!
Yours, Joe Marcoe


For all those who would like to know where EHD stands in your county look up the Michigan DNR website. They have each county posted and the number of deer that have died from it. Lets hope we get that freeze sooner better than later. I know it’s taken a toll on our herd but I guess this is natures way.

Ethan Angstman
PTP Pro-staffer

Dan Chrystan

I was wondering how this horrible disease, EHD, is affecting your deer herds where you guys hunt? Personally we have found 52 deer on just over 300 acres. There are literally no deer left on our properties. Our property is in Barry county, so if one of your staff members can give me a little info on what they have been seeing down there that would be great.



Austin incarnati

You guys were awsome at the woods n waters hope you guys have a great season ill put some pics of the deers that me n my brother n father get this year goal for me is to get a biger buck cuz my lil brother always 1 up on me n hes only 15 cant wait to get some cooking tips n hunting tips from you guys great website.

lance wolvin

To all ptp members have a great season in the woods i hope everybody is (success)ful. Myself i get 7 days to get it done and its the first 7days of bow then i will be heading to pittsburgh pa. To fight a bout of appendix cancer for a month . Pics of yalls harvest would be greatly appreciated via fb thanks and good hunting


It was great to see you at the Woods N Water Weekend! Michigan ROCKS!! See you all again soon,


Great videos and a great site! I also hunt in Michigan, and its cool to see that someone besides myself loves hunting for everything that it is, not just the size of the rack. It really doesnt matter if its even a buck or doe, just getting out there in Michigans woods is what its all about!


I love the shows you all put together! It’s nice to see guys and gals get excited over the type of hunting I get to do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 140 class buck let alone pass one up because he was to young like some other shows! Thanks for bringing real hunting back for people and their kids to see.

Michael Haworth

Great hunts!! You really bring out the thrill of hunting, doe or buck it doesn’t matter. Its all about the experience. I am from Florida, but have Michigan connections through my wife. I have hunted quite a bit in the Michigan deer woods(Ludington). Your videos bring back great memories. Can’t wait to get back up there this year.


This was the best footage of a deer stalk through the corn rows that I have seen. Congratulations on the kill and the great footage.

Leo Pasnik

Just seen you guys on Michigan-Out-Of-Doors and must say I was very impressed with the programming they showed of your thing you have going which I must say is pretty Impressive. I recently had to give up Bow hunting do to a Lung disease and my epilepsy and with no one to go in the woods with me and my seizures thats why i had to stop bow hunting and they also said sitting in a tree and having a seizure was not a good combo. but i enjoy watching programming about hunting now that i am not doing it thank you for allowing me to become a fan of yours

andrew booms

This website is awesome!! Keep up all the good REAL videos!!! Really enjoy your guys work!!

Robert ( Outdoor Success)

It was GREAT spending time with you guys this weekend and some GREAT hunts!! Oh the fun has just begun :-)



Wanted to thank Serena and Cass for a very fun filled youth weekend. You girls are fun to be around and make the hunt very enjoyable. We got a lot of deer footage along with a miss and a hit(we didn’t recover deer however). Im wondering if Im the monkey on Cass’s back. She puts in her time and our ground blind communtication was absolutely awesome. To put in that kind of time and end with the result we did was tough for me and Im sure for her as well. We had the same result last year. Hopefully both of these young girls get back out to fulfill their season dreams. I want to also thank George, their dad, for giving me another opprotunity to film his daughters in action for 2012.
Thanks Ethan PTP Pro-staff


I know I haven’t followed it in the past, but I am going to live by it this year and see if it pays off. The book buy Bill Vale(sorry if the name isn’t quite right) has opened my eyes to alot of different things. I’m about half way through and I am hooked. Very good book. If you haven’t checked out the new webshow and want to know more about this book, then I strongly suggest it. He touches on some of the wind senarios that he uses. The book is Taking Presured Trophey Whitetails. Check out http://www.presuredeer.com if you want to know more about the moon phases and how they affect deer movement. He has a calender with all the movement times on it that you can purchase.


I want to thank all of you for coming out the 2010 Charity bow shoot. I know the weather was once again a hinderance but with the skies clearing around 11:30 and staying that way for the rest of the day made for a great day of shooting. Once again thanks for your support, we couldnt do it without you.

Ethan- PTP Pro-staff

Team PTP-Greg

Getting geared up for the upcoming PTP Charity Bow Shoot. Hope to see everyone there!

Team PTP-Greg

Had a great time this weekend at the Kids Youth Day in Holt! Met lots of new friends and families! Ethan, Nick, Gary and myself have all mentioned what a great event it is for the kids and how much fun we had!

Bart W. Anderson

Just wanted to say that my family and I throughly enjoyed seeing and interacting with Pass Through Productions staff at the Mason Optimist Club Youth Day at Burchfield park. A big thank you goes out to Ethan and all his help and conversation while at the fishing derby. Keep up the great work and keep it made in Michigan!!!


Great Job Girls!!! Loved the double camera angles Jen. Maybe I’ll get mine this weekend though I’m not using a 10 guage OUCH!!!

Team PTP

Thanks Soren for the great comment! It was a fun hunt for sure. – Greg

Soren Sorensen

Greg, thats a huge bird. Congrates on your great hunt.


Bill…. I would strongly recommend Outdoor Success. Rob makes some awesome turkey calls. he also deals with scents so it kills two birds with one stone so to speak. Look em up on our website.


Who would you guys recommend for Turkey calls.


I know this has nothing to do with hunting but is Ron Vanmeter single? I love watching him because i think he is hot. Keep up the good work.


We appreciate that you guys and gals are liking the video’s. Yes we do like to keep it real. We always thought the same thing. Anyone can kill a huge deer with lot’s of money but I don’t know about you but I don’t have that type of money nor would I spend it on a deer hunt. I’d rather spend that money on my hunting equipment and shoot lots of deer. Keep watching and supporting us, we do it for you the hunter.
Ethan Angstman – PTP pro-staff


I like the fact that you guys keep it real. I am sick of all the shows that are fake. I know that you guys will always be after the same animals that i am. Keep up the good work


I think that the cooking show was a great ideal. I am always wondering what to do with the game my boyfriend kills.


Greg and Shawn those birds are awesome, also sweet video Greg.


oooopps I meant Shawn


Can’t wait to get in the woods. Lot of life going on, lot
of ptps finest putting the smack down on some nice birds fine job peace.


Awesome job Jen on that tom. Looks like a nice bird. Time to get Sean a bird now.

Team PTP

Would you like to see Team PTP use a crossbow on future hunts?


….Ryan look under the contacts to find a email for Greg

Ryan Johnson

Hi. My name is Ryan Johnson, you met my dad at the Deer and Turkey Spectacular in Lansing. Greg Francis gave my dad his card and told me to get in touch. Is there a phone number where I can reach you?
My partner and I have HD footage of turkey kills and deer hunts from last year and previous years.
Thank you

Robert ( Outdoor Success)

Site looks AWESOME!!! We here at Outdoor Success are proud to be part of Pass Through Productions!!


Website is looking sweet.


Very nice Bucks & Toms…y’all put some of us in SC to shame!! Good luck fellas


Congrats to Greg on a nice bird taken this morning. Also good work by his cameraman, Steve Akright, sounded like an exciting few minuets…


Nice job guys!!!


Awesome Guys


Looks great guys! I cant wait to see what is happen this year!!!! Best of luck and shoot straight


This website is rockin….alot better than the old one


This is really cool John!

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